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The Folk Trains

The Folk Trains take you on a musical journey as you travel through the Peak District countryside. Our talented musicians play on the train, then everyone alights to visit a local hostelry and enjoy a further session from the band.

If you would like a leaflet listing the guided walks and folk trains, please email you details to Andrew.Walker@derbyshire.gov.uk or ring 01629 538093

The Edale Rambler Folk Train has been running for ten years and takes music lovers from the centre of Sheffield to the glorious vale of Edale, while the Manchester to Hathersage folk train takes you along the Hope Valley Line to the village of Hathersage.

We also have the Glossop Folk Train, which entertains travellers on its journey from Manchester to the historic town of Glossop.

"What a thoroughly enjoyable day out. And what a rest way to spend a sunny Saturday in June. the music was great, the scenic journey was gorgeous, the pub food was excellent, and more music on the way home! I am now on the mailing list, and look forward to sharing this experience again. Many thanks." JQ of Bury

"I very much enjoyed the Folk Train. We were going for a walk from Hope and the Folk Train was a lovely surprise and got us off to a very good start. I would love to come again and go to the pub to hear all the music next time." CM of Manchester

Hope Valley Line Folk Train

The Hope Valley Trains have proved a consistent success since their introduction ten years ago, which sometimes means there is limited seating capacity in the carriage with the band. Please don't expect a formal concert - just enjoy the Folk Train for the fantastic experience it is …..!

The Folk Trains run from Manchester to Hathersage and Sheffield to Edale. (See below).

Manchester - Hathersage Folk Train

Train departs Manchester Piccadilly at 1149 calling at all stations from Reddish North to Hathersage.

The band plays at the Little John Hotel, Hathersage.
Return on the 1432 train from Hathersage, calling at all the same stations, except Strines, arriving at Manchester Piccadilly at 1534.

9th July: The Jodrellaires
Having been enjoyed last year by our Glossop crowd this group are going to entertain the Hathersage folk train with their mix of Clearwater harmonies of the Everly Brothers, the melodies of backwoods gospel and the stripped down frantic rhythms of 50's rockabilly and the Bo Diddley "shave and haircut-two bits" beat. They have the experience and the energy to rock the folk train crowd.

Bernard Cromarty
13th August: Bernard Cromarty
From Lymm Folk Club comes a talented multi instrumentalist and a great favourite with our folk train crowds. Bernard will need no introduction to our regulars and any new followers will enjoy and be entertained by his wide repertoire of folk music.

10th September: The Cajun Specials
One of our most popular and crowd pulling groups taking us on a journey via the beautiful Peak District with the music of the Louisiana swamplands. Cajun music at its best to keep toes tapping all the way to The Little John and back.

17th September: Old Hall Inn Summer Beer Festival - Chinley
Evoking memories of the event on Thursday, May 7 1964 when the blues train, featuring musical giants, including Muddy Waters, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Sonny Boy Williamson rolled into Chorlton, Manchester. Rowland Jones and the Moveable Feast will be bringing great live blues to Chinley Beer Festival. Join us on the train from Piccadilly, Manchester to Chinley and in the afternoon at the Old Hall Inn, Chinley. Great location, Great music and a Great range of beers and ciders.

For up-to-date information on the Manchester Folk Trains, call 0161 494 9814.

Sheffield to Edale Folk Train

The Folk Trains are renowned amongst local music lovers and costs no more than an ordinary train ticket.
Our enthusiastic musicians play on the train, and at Edale everyone alights to visit The Rambler, the pub next to the station, where the music session continues.

The Folk Train departs from Sheffield (platform 2c) at 1914 calling at all stations to Edale. The band plays at the Rambler Inn, Edale. We return on the 2129 train from Edale, calling at all stations to Sheffield, arriving there at 2203.

Feet First

28th June: Sheffield City Morris
Their annual appearance occurs again and we can once more enjoy an al fresco performance of highly entertaining music, dance and song from our regular heralds of the summer and their guests. Fingers crossed for a bright evening.

26th July: Feet First
As long as the weather is good we can welcome the return of the outstanding Feet First Appalachian clog dancers, based in Chesterfield. In recent years they have given us admirable al fresco performances, along with some excellent musical sessions on the train.

23rd August: Treebeard
Another group which has been our regular favourites for some time. In agreement with their on-line description I can say that they perform a clever blend of originals and cover material, made all the more enjoyable by the friendly and fun-loving attitude on stage.

27th September: Porch Lizards
Another desirable instance of a band making their first appearance on the Folk Train, after I observed one of their regular practice sessions which left us suitably impressed. Formed a few years ago and, because of each members differing musical tastes and backgrounds, a very popular Bluegrass collection of songs came together. Audiences love what they hear and more importantly how it’s delivered.

For the latest information visit www.folktrain.org.uk, or contact Gerry on (0114) 266 9532.

Glossop Line Folk Train

Our talented musicians play on the train, and at Glossop where everyone alights to visit Glossop Labour Club for liquid refreshment and a further session from the band. The Club is fully accessible to wheelchair users. There is no charge for the event - just the price of your ordinary train or Wayfarer ticket.

Train departs Manchester Piccadilly at 1846, calling at all stations except Ardwick to Glossop. The band play at Glossop Labour Club, Glossop before returning on the 2138 train from Glossop, calling at all the same stops, arriving at Manchester Piccadilly at 2210.

Lazlo Baby
23rd June: Peter Von Toy is quite a curiosity. After playing in rock and metal bands professionally for 10 years, he decided to go back to writing songs in it's most simple form, just by picking up an acoustic guitar as a solo artist. Another odd feature, his distinctive mix of rock blues and folk can only be heard live. That's right his music is nowhere to be found anywhere online, on cd or any other format. A unique pioneer approach that aims to put human interaction back in the center spot of an industry that has gone wrong. How did we hear about him? Quite simply, we saw him playing live in Manchester in 2015 and booked him, we hope to see many of you to enjoy the tales of this unique artist in the unique context of the Folk Train.

28th July: Lazlo Baby
It's that time of year when we are entertained on a warm July night by our ever popular group Lazlo Baby with their lively, foot-stomping Balkan/Gypsy folk music. Get ready for a great night of fun and entertainment even if we don't get the warm Summer evening.

25th August: Shenanigans
A duo, Alan Blakeman and Steve Fiddle - well known to all our regulars, playing well known Irish music on various instruments with lively jigs and reels and lyrical ballads to keep everyone entertained.

22nd September: The Beech Band
An informal gathering of musicians and singers performing mainly, but not exclusively, traditional folk songs, many with choruses for everyone to join in with. Squeeze boxes, banjos, guitars and a range of percussion to keep the party going.

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