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The Folk Trains

The Folk Trains take you on a musical journey as you travel through the Peak District countryside. Our talented musicians play on the train, then everyone alights to visit a local hostelry and enjoy a further session from the band.

If you would like a leaflet listing the guided walks and folk trains, please email you details to Andrew.Walker@derbyshire.gov.uk or ring 01629 538093

The Edale Rambler Folk Train has been running for ten years and takes music lovers from the centre of Sheffield to the glorious vale of Edale, while the Manchester to Hathersage folk train takes you along the Hope Valley Line to the village of Hathersage.

We also have the Glossop Folk Train, which entertains travellers on its journey from Manchester to the historic town of Glossop.

"What a thoroughly enjoyable day out. And what a rest way to spend a sunny Saturday in June. the music was great, the scenic journey was gorgeous, the pub food was excellent, and more music on the way home! I am now on the mailing list, and look forward to sharing this experience again. Many thanks." JQ of Bury

"I very much enjoyed the Folk Train. We were going for a walk from Hope and the Folk Train was a lovely surprise and got us off to a very good start. I would love to come again and go to the pub to hear all the music next time." CM of Manchester

Hope Valley Line Folk Train

The Hope Valley Trains have proved a consistent success since their introduction ten years ago, which sometimes means there is limited seating capacity in the carriage with the band. Please don't expect a formal concert - just enjoy the Folk Train for the fantastic experience it is …..!

The Folk Trains run from Manchester to Hathersage and Sheffield to Edale. (See below).

Manchester - Hathersage Folk Train

Train departs Manchester Piccadilly at 1149 calling at all stations from Reddish North to Hathersage.

The band plays at the Little John Hotel, Hathersage.
Return on the 1432 train from Hathersage, calling at all the same stations, except Strines, arriving at Manchester Piccadilly at 1534.

14th October 2017: Lazlo Baby
This group from East side of Stockport captivate the audience with their lively Balkan style of music.  Whilst dabbling in the delights that klezmer, gypsy and traditional Irish music have to offer, their frantic and infectious mix of different music styles and genres, makes them quite possibly one of the most raucous popular music acts on the folk train.

Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band
11th November 2017: The Cajun Specials

One of our most popular and crowd-pulling groups taking us on a journey through the beautiful district while the train resounds to the sound of the Louisiana swamplands.  Cajun music at its best to keep us entertained all the way to Hathersage and at The Little John.

We would like to dedicate this folk train to Mary Turner who died in November 2010 and was a regular member of our folk train audience at that time.

Please note this is a one-way folk train - please see information below.

9th December 2017: Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band
We are delighted to have once more our much loved Manchester Band helping us to celebrate the Christmas season with their wonderful mix of Jazz, Blues, Swing and good time Rags from the 20's and 30's.  A great way to get everyone into the festive spirit and an amazing afternoon of pure entertainment - not to be missed.
 Please note this is a one-way folk train - please see information below.

Because of the busy trains at this time of year we have decided to operate one-way folk trains in November and December. As usual the train will leave Manchester Piccadilly at 1149 but there will be NO designated return folk train. The band instead will be playing two sets of music at The Little John Hotel during the afternoon and people can return to Manchester in their own time on any train.

For up-to-date information on the Manchester Folk Trains, call 0161 494 9814.

Sheffield to Edale Folk Train

The Folk Trains are renowned amongst local music lovers and costs no more than an ordinary train ticket.
Our enthusiastic musicians play on the train, and at Edale everyone alights to visit The Rambler, the pub next to the station, where the music session continues.

The Folk Train departs from Sheffield at 1914 calling at all stations to Edale. The band plays at the Rambler Inn, Edale. We return on the 2129 train from Edale, calling at all stations to Sheffield, arriving there at 2203.

26th September: Yorkshire Tea Bags Skiffle Band
A 5-piece band playing everything from the Blues to the Beatles, especially their hero, Lonnie Donnigan. Without doubt you will be really appreciative and very responsive when the band encourages your participation.

24th October: Isembard's Wheel
A second appearance for this folk band based in Sheffield, comprising an eclectic cast of wayfarers and bohemians collected in the years since the band was begun in 2013 by Alexander Isembard. They have partaken of festival stages, released an EP called Autumn in Eden, and aim to take their act even further afield.

28th November: Cocklebread
Comprising of a group of musicians from Sheffield Hallam University who specialise in charity appearances to greatly deserved appreciation. They make a further appearance on the Folk Train, again for a charity purpose. As before, the money which would normally go to the band will be presented to the charity collectors.

19th December: Scuppered

These Folk Train old timers have taken on the Festive Season Folk Train on a number of previous occasions and have always been great value. Once again they will perform material from a wide range of sources, traditional folk, 60's pop, contemporary folk, Country and Scottish Dance.
Don't forget, they're probably the best Coal Aston-based band in the World!

For the latest information visit www.folktrain.org.uk, or contact Gerry on (0114) 266 9532.

Glossop Line Folk Train

Our talented musicians play on the train, and at Glossop where everyone alights to visit Glossop Labour Club for liquid refreshment and a further session from the band. The Club is fully accessible to wheelchair users. There is no charge for the event - just the price of your ordinary train or Wayfarer ticket.

Train departs Manchester Piccadilly at 1846, calling at all stations except Ardwick to Glossop. The band play at Glossop Labour Club, Glossop before returning on the 2138 train from Glossop, calling at all the same stops, arriving at Manchester Piccadilly at 2210.

28th September 2017: Steve Turner
A new face to the folk trains, Steve Turner is known as a pioneer of highly sophisticated English concertina song accompaniments, stretching the boundaries of traditional forms, with one of the best voices in the business. He is a multi-instrumentalist, who also accompanies himself on the cittern, and also plays mandolin and banjo.

26th October 2017: Mambo Jambo

Acoustic roots duo Mambo Jambo present a bit of a musical feast. They will take you on an enjoyable and intriguing musical journey, mixing sounds from around the world, folk and jazz, plus their own compositions. Their repertoire draws in a wide range of styles that might include Bluegrass, Latin & Caribbean New Orleans, Balkan, and more. Blending all these influences they create an upbeat rhythmic and rootsy sound all of their own – with appeal across a very wide audience.

23rd November 2017: Shenanigans
Alan Blakeman and Steve Fiddle - a duo well known to our regular audience, playing well known Irish music on various instruments with lively jigs and reels and lyrical ballads to suit all lovers of Irish folk and keep everyone entertained.

21st December: Eunice Bobcats
It's our Christmas Party time once again and it falls very close to the holiday date this year.  A good reason to come and enjoy this lively emblematic music of the Louisiana swampland, rooted in the ballads of the French speaking Acadians of Canada.  If you want to party this is the place to be.

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